IP cores for ASICs and FPGAs

Creonic designs and delivers complex signal
processing functions for communication systems.

IP cores

Creonic develops IP cores as ready-for-use solutions for several algorithms of communications, applicable for ASIC and FPGA technology. 


Creonic offers the largest portfolio of IP Cores on the satellite communications market and covers the most important standards.


With Creonic as your partner you get to know the right answers for all your challenges. 



Creonic is a young and creative company. We employ highly skilled people in the fields of micro-electronics and communications.

Latest News

Sep 19, 2023

Creonic Expands Satellite IP Core Portfolio with DVB-S2X Multi-Carrier Demodulator

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Sep 07, 2023

Creonic Introduces NCR Processor IP Core for DVB-S2X/DVB-RCS2 Satellite Communication

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Aug 17, 2023

Creonic Engages in Numerous Research Projects within the 6G Platform

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July 27, 2023

Creonic Unveils CCSDS 131.2 Wideband Modulator IP Core Achieving 1 GSymb/s

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