Research Projects  

Creonic's mission to develop new technologies for its customers, requires keeping up and shape the most recent trends. Exploring uprising fields together with partners and customers is part of our developer's DNA. Multiple research topics are under investigation always, covering not only communications, but aritificial intelligence and connected low power industry solutions.  


Industrial project for research into integrated systems and sub-technologies for 6th generation mobile communications.


Creonic joins partnership with leading research institutes and industry partners to expand the development of artificial intelligence.


​ Distributed computing platform for radar-based 3D environment sensing in safe autonomous driving


Edge Computing Modules for Resilient Electronics Manufacturing with Adaptive Process Optimization



The project made an essential contribution to the further development of autonomous driving.


VERTIGO aimed to develop and demonstrate concepts allowing for a significant capacity increase of feeder links through the use of state-of-the-art optical technologies.


EPIC project developed a framework and created a database to evaluate and drive FEC techniques as key enablers of practicable beyond 5G wireless Terabit/s solutions.


ESR was a research project on energy-efficient simulation acceleration for risk measurement and management. Creonic GmbH has been the project coordinator.


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