Do you want to implement a communication system on the microelectronic level by yourself? Do you need support for the migration of your algorithms from software to hardware level? Benefit from the long-time experience of our employees. We are happy to advise you with respect to the microelectronic implementation in the fields of communications and FPGA integration in general.


We advise you regarding the implementation of algorithms of digital signal processing in the field of wired or wireless communication. It doesn't matter whether you are designing a standard-based (e. g., LTE, DVB) or proprietary system.

Our close collaboration with one of the leading research institutes in the field of communications ensures us the access to the newest scientific findings, algorithms, and technologies.


Do you want to setup a demo system based on FPGAs? Do you want to port an algorithm onto FPGAs in order to drastically reduce simulation times? Or do you just want to extend your knowledge in the field of FPGA implementation?

No matter what challenges you are facing, we will support you! Benefit from our know-how and adopt your new knowledge in your product development!