Encoder and Decoder 

The recommended CCSDS 131.2-B-1 standard introduces a Serial Concatenated Convolutional Code (SCCC). Main goal of this code is to allow an efficient use of available bandwidth, by allowing to select from 27 valid configurations with a wide range of constellations, block lengths and code rates.

The outstanding error correction performance of the SCCC code in combination with the high data rates makes this IP core the ideal fit for further applications where high throughput and high spectral efficiency is key for operation.







  • Satellite communication

  • High data rate telemetry applications
  • Earth Exploration Satellite Service (EESS)
  • Applications with the highest demands on forward error correction
  • Applications with the need for a wide range of code rates and block lengths

Standard Features the Core Supports

  • Support for all 27 ACM formats
  • Support for all modulation schemes (QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-APSK, 32-APSK, 64-APSK)
  • Compliant with CCSDS 131.2-B-1 (Flexible Advanced Coding and Modulation Scheme for High Rate Telemetry Applications)


   Your Benefits


  • Block-to-block on-the-fly configuration.
  • High payload block length granularity (between 5,758 and 43,678 bits)
  • High code rate granularity (code rates between 0.36 and 0.90)
  • Configurable amount of turbo decoding iterations for trading-off throughput and error correction performance

  • Low-power and low-complexity design.
  • Available for ASIC and FPGAs (Xilinx, Intel, Microchip)
  • Deliverable includes VHDL source code or synthesized netlist, VHDL testbench, and bit-accurate Matlab, C or C++ simulation model

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