DVB-CID Modulator

DVB-CID is a digital satellite transmission system that describes the modulation, channel coding and signalling protocol intended for the identification of the host carrier. The system has been optimized for satellite applications including DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-DSNG, but can be applied to any continuous transmission by satellite.





  • Satellite communication (Digital Video Broadcasting, Interactive Services, News Gathering, Professional Services)

  • Host carrier identification

Standard Features the Core Supports

  • Compliant with ETSI TS 103 129 V1.1.1 (2013-05) (DVB-CID)
  • Support for complete Content ID table
  • Fine adjustable output gain in steps of 0.1dB
  • Output of BPSK mapped symbols with real and imaginary part


   Your Benefits


  • The modulator contains frame formating, CRC8 calculation, BCH encoder, scrambler, differential encoder, chipping, symbol mapping, Nyquist filter, and gain adjusting
  • Low-power and low-complexity design

  •  Available for ASIC and FPGAs (Xilinx, Intel)
  • Deliverable includes VHDL source code or synthesized netlist, VHDL testbench, and bit-accurate Matlab, C or C++ simulation model

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