Wideband DDC IP Core

The Creonic Wideband Digital Down Converter (DDC) digitally converts the input signal at IF frequency down to baseband by multiplying input samples with sine/cosine waves generated by numerical controlled oscillators (NCO). Down converted samples are then decimated by a factor ranging from 2 to 512 with a multiplying step of 2. A CIC and 4 stages of half band filters are integrated within the decimator.

The core accepts a real signal at input and provides complex I/Q baseband data at the output.The parallel architecture of the core allows for an input throughput up to 2.4 Gsps, and data symbol rates up to 540 Msymb/s, making it a perfect fit for ultra high throughput applications such as Wideband DVB-S2X communication.






  • Wideband satellite communication

  • Wideband wireless backhaul
  • Wideband cable modems
  • Electronic surveillance applications

Standard Features 
the Core Supports

  • High throughput wideband digital
    down converter
  • Up to 600 MHz signal bandwidth
  • Tunable IF frequency
  • Integrated decimator and filters

 Your Benefits 

  • Contains Numerical Controlled Oscillators, IF mixers, decimator, and halfband filters
  • High input throughput of up to 2.4 Gsps
  • Supported signal bandwidth of up to 600 MHz
  • Tunable IF frequency from 10 to 700 MHz with a precision of at least 2 Hz
  • Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of at least 83 dB, filter’s passband ripple less than 0.05 dB


  •  Configurable decimation rate

  • Accepts real input signal or complex I/Q upon request
  • Memory mapped interface for configuring and retrieving status information
  • Available for ASIC and FPGAs (AMD Xilinx, Intel)

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