Creonic Participates in 6G Research Project led by Deutsche Telekom

Kaiserslautern, November 3rd, 2022 – Deutsche Telekom takes the lead in the “6G-TakeOff” research project as part of the “6G industrial projects for research into integrated systems and sub-technologies for 6th generation mobile communications” funding measure of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Creonic GmbH is one of 22 partners with whom Telekom is forming a consortium for this purpose. 6G-TakeOff will combine all available technologies into a uniform 3D communication network.

The project will run until the summer of 2025 and will be used to research and define the new 6G communications standard.


6G-TakeOff – Holistic communication networks for 6G

Unrestricted stationary and mobile access to the Internet is essential in an increasingly digitalized society. To provide the necessary connectivity, seamless network coverage is needed. Existing mobile networks on the ground must be supplemented with additional network nodes in the air. Non-terrestrial communication networks enable digital connectivity even in remote areas. The goal of the 6G-TakeOff project is to develop an innovative, unified three-dimensional 6G architecture for networks consisting of ground stations, airborne platforms and satellites. Combining terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks into a holistic architecture will enable the benefits of both technologies to be combined as needed and provide additional network capacity on a temporary and local basis.


The 6G research initiative and funding activitites

The funding measure is part of the German government’s new research program on communication systems “Sovereign. Digital. Connected.“ The aim of the research measure is to strengthen Germany’s and Europe’s digital and technological sovereignty by developing and helping to shape 6G at an early stage. In order to be a major player in the global market for this key technology with innovative and internationally competitive products, Germany and Europe must play a key role in shaping 6G.

The 6G initiative includes four 6G research hubs and the umbrella project “6G Platform”. These alliances of outstanding research institutes and universities are intended to generate innovations for the communications technologies of the future.

Satellite constellations and communications networks can only be realized within an international framework. To this end, 6G-TakeOff will cooperate with European institutions and research projects and help shape future 6G standards. As coordinator of a nationally funded project, Telekom will also be involved in the national 6G platform and ensure scientific exchange with other 6G research projects.


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