​Technical Support 

Creonic provides technical support for each IP core and each item of its deliverables when used as described in its documentation. Please note that performance and/or functionality cannot be guaranteed, if the IP core is used with device families other than the one it was licensed for, or if it’s customized beyond what is allowed in its datasheet. 

Technical support includes: 

  • Implementation support for the instantiation of the IP core within the Customer product’s design.
  • Debugging and error correction.
  • IP core version updates when desired by Customer. 


Create a Ticket

To contact Creonic’s Technical Support, please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible. If you encounter several unrelated issues, please use a separate form for each one of them, in order to track and process these more easily. 

A quick summary of the inquiry. The title should be easy to understand and suggestive enough of the actual issue.
Provide a clear and concise description of the issue you have encountered. This should communicate clearly and help us understand what the issue is. Please use the fields below to provide more details on how the issue occurs.
Describe the IP core(s) operation conditions that you’re currently working with, e.g system set-up, IP core configuration and parametrization, data type and format, throughput, SNR, etc. Please be as detailed as necessary, This will give us an idea of the context in which a certain IP core is used, if it’s being used as intended, the operation conditions are feasible, among other things.
Explain how the issue occurs and give detailed instructions on how it can be reproduced. This allows us to recreate and observe the issue and the conditions triggering it, so that we can understand its causes and find a solution. Be specific and give enough information in order to keep unnecessary exchange of follow-up questions to a minimum. if necessary, you may also provide any additional information below.
Please provide for each IP core one file in .txt format containing the value of all AXI4-Lite registers listed on the datasheet. Each line should contain the address of one register followed by its value, both written in 32-bit hexadecimal notation. Alternatively, you may also use the firmware provided with the IP. Please note that the maximum file size does not exceed 5MB, for larger files please use idgard.de
Any files that indicate and depict the occurrence of the issue and can be helpful for its assessment (timing diagrams, log files, test data, etc). Please note that the maximum file size does not exceed 5MB, for larger files please use idgard.de

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