​Technical Support 

Creonic provides technical support for each IP core and each item of its deliverables when used as described in its documentation. The technical support includes: 

  • Implementation support for the instantiation of the IP core within the customer product's design.
  • Debugging and error correction.
  • IP core version updates when desired by customer. 


Technical Support Inquiry 

To contact Creonic's Technical Support, please fill in the form below. In order to facilitate and speed up the process, please include any of the following information that is relevant to the technical issue. 

Please note that performance and/or functionality cannot be guaranteed, if the IP core is used with device families other than the one it was licensed for, or if it's customized beyond what is allowed in its datasheet.

Please provide a .txt or .csv file with one line for each register as pair of address and value in 32-bit hexadecimal notation. Alternatively, you may also use the firmware provided with the IP.
Please provide a .jpg or .png file.

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