1,000 Viterbi Decoder IP Core Downloads in Six Months


Kaiserslautern, Germany, July 16 2012 – Today Creonic celebrates 1,000 downloads of its open source Viterbi decoder IP core from the OpenCores platform. “We are thrilled about the huge interest in our open source IP core”, says Matthias Alles, CEO of Creonic. He adds, “It took less than six months to achieve this milestone”.

The VHDL source code of the Creonic Viterbi decoder is published under the GPL license. It is adaptable to many standards of communications, e.g., GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX, and WiFi. The AXI4-Stream interface allows simple integration. Shortly after publication OpenCores awarded the IP core the OCCP certificate emphasizing that the core is stable and satisfies an abundance of quality criteria.

The publication under GPL makes it possible to use the IP core free of charge and enables the adaptation of the decoder to individual needs. Besides support, Creonic offers commercial licenses that grant the user of the IP core more rights than the GPL.

About Creonic

Creonic provides IP cores as ready-for-use solutions for several algorithms of communications such as forward error correction (LDPC and Turbo coding), synchronization, and MIMO. The product portfolio covers standards like DVB-S2, DVB-C2, WiFi, UWB, and GMR. Our products are applicable for ASIC and FPGA technology and comply with the highest requirements with respect to quality and performance.

Viterbi decoder at OpenCores.org

Viterbi decoder at Creonic