4G LTE/LTE-A Turbo Decoder

LTE and LTE Advanced (LTE-A) are the mobile broadband standard of the 4th generation. Current LTE installtion provides data rates of up to 300 Mbit/s. LTE-A increases the throughput to up to 1 Gbit/s.

Creonic’s LTE/LTE-A IP Core is an advanced, customer-proven implementation of the standardized 3GPP turbo code.








  • LTE/LTE-A modem chipset for base station (BS) or user equipment (UE)

  • Applications with the highest demands on forward error correction
  • Applications with the need for a wide range of code rates and block lengths

Standard Features the Core Supports

  • Support for 3GPP Release 8 LTE turbo decoding
  • Support for 3GPP Release 10 LTE Advanced turbo decoding
  • Support for codeword CRC and up to four transport block CRCs
  • Soft information output available


  Your Benefits


  • Silicon-proven
  • Throughputs of up to 1 Gbit/s.
  • Unique latency free, on-the-fly CRC checking
  • Outstanding communications performance for high code rates with HARQ based on a unique technology.
  • Design-time configuration of input quantization

  • Configurable amount of turbo decoder iterations for trading-off throughput and error correction performance
  • Available for ASIC and FPGAs (Xilinx, Intel)
  • Deliverable includes VHDL source code or synthesized netlist, VHDL testbench, and bit-accurate Matlab, C or C++ simulation model

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