Fast Fourier Transform IP core

The Creonic Fast Fourier Transform IP Core implements the Decimation in Frequency - Fast Fourier Transform based on the Cooley-Tukey algorithm. The FFT/IFFT core expects complex samples as input and provides transformed complex samples as output. It performs the transform using log₂ (transform length) stages in pipeline.

product brief



  • Multi-Carrier Transmitter and Receiver Systems
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Signal Filtering
  • Data Compression

Standard Features the Core Supports

  • Supports forward and inverse complex FFT
  • Supports transform length (N) from 23 to 2¹⁶
  • Supports scaled or unscaled IFFT output
  • Implemented as pipelined streaming IO architecture


   Your Benefits


  • Run-time configuration of the transform mode (Forward or Inverse FFT) and transform length
  • Continuously stream input and output data. The core starts processing immediately after receiving the first sample and does not wait until it receives the entire frame
  • Twiddle factors can be stored in ECC ROMs

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