Creonic to Deliver IP Cores for the New DVB-S2X Standard

Kaiserslautern, Germany, Mar. 11 2014 – Creonic GmbH, a leading IP core provider for communications, announced the availability of demodulator and decoder IP cores for the new DVB-S2X specification that was approved recently by the Steering Board of the DVB project.  For professional applications, DVB-S2X achieves spectral efficiency gains of up to 50%, drastically reducing OPEX.

As a member of the DVB consortium, Creonic has followed the standardization process closely. DVB-S2X provides lower roll-off factors as well as additional modulation levels (64-APSK, 128-APSK, and 256-APSK).  The DVB-S2X Forward Error Correction (FEC) has been extended to include new LDPC/BCH codes that allow more efficient use of existing satellite transmission channels.

“ The extensions of DVB-S2 provided by DVB-S2X will help the satellite industry significantly increase performance and reduce service costs.  The satellite modem industry greatly benefits from the availability of ready-to-use IP cores for the new DVB-S2X standard,” said Dr. Matthias Alles, CEO and co-founder of Creonic.

The Creonic DVB-S2X demodulator and decoder IP cores have been built using the company’s proven DVB-S2 cores as a starting point, delivering the highest possible throughput per unit area and forward error correction performance.  The DVB-S2X decoder IP core will be available in Q2-2014, and the corresponding demodulator in Q4-2014.  Both cores will be supplied for FPGA and ASIC technologies, as either pre-compiled netlists or as source code.


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