Creonic Expands Satellite IP Core Portfolio with DVB-S2X Multi-Carrier Demodulator

Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 19, 2023 - Creonic GmbH, a leading provider of IP cores for communication systems, proudly introduces its DVB-S2X Multi-Carrier Demodulator IP core. Designed to enhance satellite communication systems, this innovative addition to Creonic's SATCOM IP core portfolio offers unparalleled versatility.

What sets the DVB-S2X Multi-Carrier Demodulator IP core apart is its capability to support a design-time configurable number of carriers, ranging up to 36. Furthermore, the VLSNR (very-low signal-to-noise ratio) modes of DVB-S2X are optionally supported, allowing for operation at SNR levels below -8 dB. This configurability empowers users to adapt the core to their specific needs.

On top of that, the core offers on-the-fly configuration per carrier, enabling users to dynamically adjust and optimize their satellite communication systems during runtime. Individual carriers can be turned on or off and furthermore differ in terms of roll-off, symbol rate, and modulation / coding (MODCOD). All roll-offs (5% to 35%) and all MODCODs (from BPSK to 256-APSK) are supported.

As part of Creonic's commitment to advancing satellite communication technologies, this IP core is designed to streamline error correction by integrating seamlessly with the Creonic DVB-S2X LDPC/BCH decoder IP core using an additional glue logic that is also readily available.

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