01/12/23 Creonic DVB-GSE Encapsulator and Decapsulator IP Cores Are Now Available with Data Rates of up to 4 Gbit/s
11/03/22 Creonic participates in 6G research project led by Deutsche Telekom
10/07/22 Creonic Releases DVB-RCS2 Multi-carrier Satellite Receiver IP Core
07/22/22 Creonic offers High-throughput Single-chip DVB-S2X Satellite Modem for Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC
07/08/22 Creonic Introduces Microchip FPGAs as Supported Technologies
05/28/22 Creonic GmbH supports die Lange Nacht der Kultur in Kaiserslautern
05/04/22 Creonic GmbH joins NewSpace Initiative
12/15/21 Creonic GmbH is Heavily Invested in the Expansion and Research of 6G Technologies
07/22/21 DVB-S2X Wideband Demodulator IP Core from Creonic Now Available with Time-Slicing Support (Annex M)
06/09/21 Creonic to Offer End-to-end IP-over-Satellite Solutions
05/06/21 CCSDS 231.0-B-3 LDPC Encoder and Decoder IP Core from Creonic Now Available
12/21/20 Creonic Participates in Horizon 2020 EPIC Research Project
06/30/20 Creonic joins partnership with leading research institutes and industry partners to expand the development of Artificial Intelligence
01/30/20 Creonic Joins German Center for Satellite Communications (DeSK)
12/10/19 Creonic Continues to Extend its Leading SATCOM IP Core Portfolio
11/28/19 Creonic Participates in H2020 “VERTIGO” Research Project
08/27/19 Creonic Participates in National Research Project KI-Radar
08/22/19 Creonic Demonstrates its Beyond 5G FEC IP at the EuCNC Conference
04/10/19 Creonic Shows 100 Gbps Polar Decoder in International SENDATE-TANDEM Research Project
10/25/18 DVB-RCS2 Satellite Modulator IP Core from Creonic Now Available
06/14/18 Creonic’s Quality Management System Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification
02/27/18 OPENAIRINTERFACE software stack powering 5G use-cases exhibited at Mobile World Congress Barcelona
12/15/17 Creonic Launches 5G Product Line with Polar and LDPC FEC IP Cores
09/12/17 Creonic Joins Consortium to Develop FEC Codes for Beyond-5G Tb/s Use Cases
04/28/17 Creonic Starts Wideband Satellite Initiative with Launch of New DVB-S2X IP Cores
01/09/17 Creonic Announces FMC Board with L-Band RF Input for Satellite Applications
11/10/16 Creonic Delivers New CCSDS LDPC Forward Error Correction IP Core
05/04/16 Creonic Participates in International SENDATE-TANDEM Research Project
04/05/16 Move to New Business Premises
02/22/16 Creonic to Provide Full DVB-S2X Transmitter and Receiver IP Core Solution
10/28/15 Creonic to Provide Three LDPC Decoder IP Cores for DOCSIS 3.1
08/28/15 Creonic Enables High-speed Downlinks for Aquila Space’s Nanosatellites
07/22/15 Creonic Releases 4G 1 Gbit/s Turbo Decoder IP Core for LTE and LTE Advanced
04/30/15 Creonic to Supply New LDPC Decoder and Encoder IP Cores for CCSDS Standard
03/23/15 Research Project „Power Control” Aims for the Increase of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Facilities
01/05/15 Creonic Unveils 100 Gbit/s IEEE 802.3bj Reed-Solomon FEC IP Cores
11/24/14 Creonic supports the ‚Deutschlandstipendium – German Scholarship Scheme‘
09/11/14 Creonic Shows Live Demo of DVB-S2X IP Cores at IBC
03/11/14 Creonic to Deliver IP Cores for the New DVB-S2X Standard
01/20/14 Creonic Selected for German Silicon Valley Accelerator
01/02/14 Creonic Joins DVB Project
11/26/13 Creonic Reinforces Activities in Satellite Communication with New IP Cores
11/06/13 Creonic Joins Xilinx Alliance Program
07/24/13 Creonic First FEC IP Core Provider to Receive ISO 9001:2008 Certification
05/03/13 A Glimpse into the DVB-S2 IP Core Validation
02/18/13 Creonic Announces WiGig (802.11ad) LDPC Decoder IP and Closes License Deal with Blu Wireless Technology
12/10/12 Creonic Announces MMSE MIMO Detector IP Core
11/14/12 Creonic Joins Aldec UNITE™ Partner Programme
10/01/12 Research Project for Energy-efficient Risk Management has Started
08/14/12 Creonic Announces DVB-RCS2 Turbo Decoder IP Core
07/16/12 1,000 Viterbi Decoder IP Core Downloads in Six Months
06/25/12 Creonic Moves into New Offices
04/23/12 CCS Licenses LDPC IP Cores from Creonic
04/20/12 LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.11n/ac (WiFi) Available
03/14/12 Creonic shows DVB-C2 Live Demo at DATE Conference
02/22/12 Learn More About Creonic in Only a Few Seconds
02/08/12 OpenCores certifies Creonic Viterbi Decoder
01/17/12 Creonic publishes Viterbi Decoder under Open Source License
01/02/12 Meet us at DATE Conference 2012
08/22/11 Creonic Announces DVB-C2 Receiver IP Core
06/06/11 Multi-Gbit/s LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.15.3c Available
05/23/11 New Creonic Website is Online